Neurotechnology & ADHD

Dr Shelley Hyman

Neurotechnology is a new wave in technology and in the last decade it has been hailed as the future for advances in understanding the brain and guiding treatments. Neurotechnology has made a huge impact on society and will continue to change the future in ways that we can only dream over the next few decades.

Neurotechnology ranges from brain altering medications, to brain scanning, to using neuroplasticity to rewire brain functioning. As this field advances it will allow us to understand better how the brain works, and help us gain better functioning and control of our brains. We are beginning to now have hope that previously thought of irreversable brain damage can now be turned around through these technologies.

Even for developmental disorders like ADHD and learning disabilities, we now have hope that the brain can be rewired and stimulated in ways to gain new cognitive skills and break through barriers to reaching potential.

One of the leading advances in the last decade has been in the development of cheap, home based neurofeedback systems. Previously for patients to access neurofeedback they would have to spend thousands of dollars and months in a practitioner's office.

Now there are several home based systems that costs under $300, a fraction of the cost o the thousands of dollars previously spent in treatment.

Dr Shelley Hyman

About Dr Shelley Hyman

Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist. BSc (psychol) Hons, MClinNeuropsych, PhD (Med) MAPS CCN. Founder and director of the centre that was founded in 2006.

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