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Child Assessment & Therapy Services
Ages 3-17 years

Child assessment and therapy sevrices in sydney

Adult Assessment & Therapy Services
Ages 18+

Adult assessment and therapy services Sydney

Assessment Services

We offer a wide range of assessment services to people age 3+ years including:

  • Child & adult ADHD assessment
  • Learning disabilities assessment: assessing and diagnosing dyslexia (reading disorders), writing disorders (including spelling & written expression) & dyscalculia (mathematics disorders)
  • Full cognitive assessment: IQ, memory, attention, academics, executive functioning, and other processing tests
  • Visual assessment
  • Speech & language assessment
  • QEEG brain scans: assessing whether certain areas of the brain are dysregulated
  • Psychological assessment: depression, anxiety disorders, anger & various behavioural disorders
  • Autism spectrum assessment
  • Targeted assessments of brain functioning: brain tumours, TBI, epilepsy, & developmental disorders.

Note: Not every type of assessment is offered at younger ages as it may not be appropriate.

Therapy Services

Once we have pinpointed the precise issues creating any cognitive, attention, processing, social, emotional or behavioural issues, we than off a variety of therapy programs to target these issues:

  • Neurofeedback training: To help mood, attention/ ADHD, sleep issues and general brain dysregulation.
  • Cognitive skill training: skill training in attention, planning, organisation, time management, study skills, self-monitoring etc.
  • Visual training: To support visual processing
  • Speech & language therapy: To support language development as well as literacy programs for learning disabilities/
  • Psychological therapy: to treat anxiety, depression, mood disorders, low self-esteem and behavioural issues. We aim to give all our patients everyday tools using a combination of CBT, ACT, behavioural therapy & mindfulness.
  • Parenting: For managing emotional and behavioural issues with your child. Parental involvement can be key in helping support new behaviours.
  • Social skill training: to support skills in building and maintain friendships in children, and positive relationships both personally and at work in adults.

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