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Adult Services: Assessment & Therapy (18+ years)

We have 5 different adult clinics that have comprehensive services from assessment to therapy. These include:

Adult Mood Disorders Clinic

Adult Tourettes & Chronic Tic Disorder Clinic

We also offer a variety of different interventions for people who just want specific types of therapy. These include

Psychological therapy (eg. cognitive behavioural therapy, ACT)

Parenting skills

Mindfulness training

Executive functioning training

Neurofeedback & performance enhancement program

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At the SCDC we have a clinic dedicated to assessing and treating adults with neurocognitive and processing issues. Whether the cause is neurological, mood based, developmental, genetic or even unknown, we can perform intensive assessments to understand strengths and weaknesses. From this point we can then look at ways to either compensate for any cognitive weaknesses or even build cognitive skills. We have a personalised adult cognitive training program as well a neurofeedback that can directly train the brain to overcome brain dysregulation.

Adult ADHD Clinic

Adult ADHD Sydney

At the SCDC we have one of the leading Adult ADHD Clinics in NSW, servicing patients all over Australia. We have a very comprehensive assessment service involving clinical interview, cognitive testing, and ADHD ratings scales (self & other). We are also able to offer QEEG brain scans to further objectively quantify the exact nature of the issues.  As part of this diagnostic service we try and pinpoint the precise issues creating the functional attention problems and have a team of clinicians who can then treat whatever issues are found. We offer comprehensive therapy services including psychological therapy, neurofeedback, cognitive training, and executive management. We will put together a treatment program to suit the individual and the goals they wish to achieve. Click here to find out more about our comprehensive Adult ADHD Clinic.

Mood Disorder Clinic

Psychological therapy Sydney

At the SCDC we have a mood disorders clinic, which focuses on helping people with a variety of mental health issues. We diagnose a broad range of disorders and can assist in providing a variety of therapy programs to treat these disorders. We have an approach that tailors the therapy to the individual. We offer the two main types of therapy in Australia; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). Some people respond very well to CBT, whereas others find that arguing against their thoughts becomes too much of a struggle, creating more problems. We aim to provide each of our patients with a range of tools to walk away with, that they can use in their everyday life. For most patients we aim for brief therapy (10-12 sessions) as we believe that therapy is about having skills, rather than becoming dependent on a therapist.

Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic

Adult ASD Clinic

At the SCDC we have one of the very few dedicated Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinics for Adults in Australia. We assess adults for autism spectrum disorder and have follow up comprehensive therapy programs. The therapy programs include social skill training as well as ‘theory of mind’ training. Theory of mind is often a key problem in people on the spectrum as it involves the ability to see things from other people’s point of view. Issues in this area can have wide spread issues in many facets of life, including relationships as well as vocational areas. We also often psychological therapy, as issues such as anxiety (particularly social anxiety) and depression also tend to affect the quality of life of our patients with ASD. We will put together a treatment program to suit the individual and the goals they wish to achieve.

Adult Tourettes & Tic Disorder Clinic

Tourettes Sydney

At the SCDC we offer a very unique Tourette’s Disorder & Chronic Tic Disorder Clinic. This clinic starts with diagnosis of our patients and psycho-education about this unique disorder. We then put together a personalised therapy program to address each of the areas of concern. The main areas include the following: (1) Habit Reversal Therapy- this is a behaviour therapy program that gives strategies to help control tics, particularly when out in public. (2) Psychological therapy- this mainly involves different therapeutic techniques to manage stress and anxiety which can often make tics worse. (3) Neurofeedback Therapy- this helps lower levels of brain dysregulation that may be causing the tics. This involves undergoing a QEEG brain map and then neurofeedback whilst targets areas of dysregulation that may be associated with the tics.

Adult Psychological Therapy

Adult Therapy Sydney

Are you suffering from some emotional issues like anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, low self-esteem etc.? We have comprehensive assessment and therapy programs to understand the cause of your issues as well as determine what techniques are going to be most effective in giving you relief from these symptoms. At the SCDC all our therapists offer cognitive behavioural therapy as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and some therapy have other modalities they also like to work with. If you have trialled talk therapies but haven’t benefited well, or have struggled to utilise the strategies given, you may wish to also like to trial some neurofeedback or biofeedback in conjunction with therapy, to give it a quick boost. Some people are chronically under-aroused that can cause depression, and some are chronically over-aroused that can cause issues like anxiety. Dysregulation of the nervous system is best treated through a combination of techniques to give yourself the best likelihood of a full recovery from symptoms. Give us a call and come meet with one of our therapists to discover ways to give yourself the fulfilling, happy and meaningful life you deserve. Get out of your mind and into your life!

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training in Sydney

Ever find your mind is constantly running, ruminating on things from the past, or constantly planning things for the future? Mindfulness is a way of training the mind to be able to be fully aware of what you are thinking, and then redirect the mind to pull it back within the present moment. Mindfulness is a way of calming the mind, so that the thoughts no longer race around, and you can be fully engaged and present in say to day life. When the mind is racing it distracts us from the present, making us inattentive and unable to enjoy fully what we are doing. How often do we eat a meal worrying about something, and then realise we have barely tasted a bite? Mindfulness skills are one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. Without a peaceful mind we cannot even hope to be able to be happy

Neurofeedback & Performance Enhancement

Neurofeedback training Sydney

Often our brains can get dysregulated and are not running optimally. Neurofeedback is a means of using neuroplasticity to train the brain to function more optimally. Ever feel sluggish, low energy and low in mood? you may have too much slow wave in your brain. Through training your brain to suppress this slow wave and activate at higher levels you can feel a burst in energy, attention and positive mood. Ever feel like you mind is racing, you can’t get to sleep or you have stress, tension and anxiety? You may have too much unhelpful fast wave in your brain. Through truing your brain to suppress excess fast wave and train lower a more relaxed yet still focused state, you can decrease levels of stress and anxiety, get to sleep more easily, and have more energy to focus on the things that matter. Click here to find out more.

Executive Management Training

Executive skill training Sydney

Are you chronically disorganised? Are you late paying bills and do you do everything at the last minute? Executive skills in planning and organisation are critical to being successful. Despite being bright many adults do not succeed with their goals due to procrastination. If you want to be more successful in this area this program may be for you.