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The Sydney Cognitive Development Centre is one of the largest centres in NSW to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services for children and adults. We utilise the latest scientific advances in neuropsychological assessment, neurocognitive therapy & neurotechnology.

We are a group of 15 multi-disciplinary experts in our field dedicated to providing the highest standard of care.


Sydney Office on Spring St in
Bondi Junction


Our centre is unique as we aim to understand the core issues underlying any general processing, attention, mood, or behavioural issues in order to formulate a detailed and precise treatment plan. We aim to treat the causes of the issues, not apply band-aid solutions.

We offer 4 levels of assessment and therapy

  • Brain Neurophysiology

    Brain scans & neuromodulation

  • Cognitive Skills

    Cognitive assessment & cognitive remediation

  • Psychological

    Assessment & therapy

  • Behavioural

    Behavioural & social assessment & therapy

"Treating causes, not symptoms"


Dr Shelley Louise Hyman Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist Sydney

Dr Shelley Louise Hyman - Founder & Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist

Over the last 2o years I have dedicated myself to supporting people to create the best possible lives they can. I have a passion for finding the root of an issue, and treating at this level, in order to see the best possible, long-term outcomes.


Sydney Child assessment and therapy

Child services (aged 3-17 yrs)

We offer the most comprehensive assessment and therapy services for child aged 3-17 years in NSW. To find out more about our long list of assessment and therapy programs….

Adult ADHD Sydney

Adult services (18 and up)

We have a multi-disciplinary Adult ADHD Clinic and ASD Clinic, along with comprehensive therapy programs for a broad range of emotional, behavioural, social and cognitive issues

... What We Do ...

Assessing, diagnosing & treating: Child ADHD, adult ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum, genetic disorders, neurological disorders, mood and behavioural disorders

"We have one of the largest specific child ADHD and adult ADHD clinics as part of our Sydney centre, with the most comprehensive ADHD assessment and the broadest ADHD therapy options available in NSW..."

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Not sure if you need an assessment or can go straight into therapy?

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WE ARE experts in the assessment & treatment of


  • ADHD / ADD
  • Learning disabilities
    • Dyslexia/ reading
    • Dysgraphia / writing
    • Dyscalculia / maths
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Genetic Disorders


Mood &

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Child Cognitive Assessment: Identifying Blocks to Learning

10 ADHD Treatment & ADHD Therapy Options

ADHD Assessment & ADHD Diagnosis

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Not sure where to start?

Not sure if you need an assessment or can go straight into therapy?

Book a free telephone consultation with a case manager and we can discuss your needs.