Ginkgo Biloba & ADHD: A Preliminary Study

Dr Shelley Hyman

Ginkgo biloba Extract in Children with ADHD.

Uebel-von Sandersleben and colleagues, 2014
In Germany a preliminary study showing the benefits of gingko biloba in children with AHDD was found.

The side effects, nonresponse, and prejudices against conventional pharmacological treatments call for complementary or alternative medical treatments for ADHD. One possible treatment, at least for cognitive problems, might be the administration of Ginkgo biloba, though evidence is currently rare.

This study tests the clinical efficacy of a Ginkgo biloba special extract (EGb 761®) and its correlation with brain electrical activity in children with ADHD combined type according to DSM-IV.

The results showed that a very low rate of mild adverse effects occurred during the observation period. Following EGb 761® administration, possible improvements in quality of life, ADHD core symptoms as well as attention test performance were detected. Improved core symptoms were positively related to elevated CNV amplitude.

This preliminary evidence suggests that EGb 761® at a maximal dosage of 240 mg daily might be a clinically useful alternative treatment for children with ADHD, but further evidence is required before firm conclusions can be made.

Dr Shelley Hyman

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