Adult ADHD Assessment & Therapy


The Sydney Cognitive Development Centre offers an ADHD diagnostic & treatment clinic for adults.

Stage 1: Standardised questionnaires

Upon booking your assessment you will be sent out 3 questionnaires to complete:Adult ADHD Sydney

  1. Background development & medical history
  2. Standardised ADHD ratings scales
  3. Standardised executive functioning ratings scales

Stage 2: Initial consultation & diagnostic interview (approximately 1 hr):

Diagnostic interview & review of standardised questionnaires. If enough evidence indicates that an ADHD diagnosis is warranted, then formal cognitive assessment will be conducted (see below).

Stage 3: Cognitive assessment: 1-2 hours (If warranted on initial consultation)

  • Intellectual testing: Verbal intellect, nonverbal intellect, attention span, working memory & processing speed
  • Visual sustained attention
  • Auditory sustained attention
  • Visual Impulsivity
  • Auditory Impulsivity
  • Visual attention span
  • Auditory attention span
  • Planning
  • Note: Review of other comorbidities and processing problems (may incur additional testing if issues reported)

Stage 4: Follow-up consultation, recommendations & report:

Following the assessment, your psychologist will go through the results with you, explain your cognitive profile, and go through whether a diagnosis is warranted or whether the issues you are experiencing could be better accounted for by something other than developmental ADHD. They will also go through treatment options with you that may be appropriate.

Price of an Adult ADHD Assessment

Upon booking your assessment a $140 deposit is required to secure your assessment date and pay for the standardised questionnaires (which we purchase on your behalf from a US psychological test distributor). This amount is non-refundable, however, will be refunded off your final invoice. Please make sure that you are committed to having an appointment as this cannot be refunded if you change your mind or forget your appointment. Also please note that we are a clinic that does not medicate.  If you are after medication please obtain a GP referral to a psychiatrist as all our therapies either involve cognitive training, psychotherapy &/or neurofeedback.

Initial Consultation & Diagnostic Interview: $260- $270

Standardised Diagnostic Questionnaires: $40 (for one self-report set: including ADHD questionnaire & executive questionnaire)

IQ test: $330

Attention & executive testing: $380

Other processing tests (If other issues found unrelated to attention problems): On application

Follow-up consultation (results & treatment recommendations) & report: $320