Adult Neurocognitive Disorders Clinic

Adult cognitive assessment Sydney


The SCDC offers a diagnostic & treatment clinic for adults who are worried they may have a processing-based or learning issue.

These assessments are helpful for people who feel they are underperforming or struggling in some way to process or learn information. These issues may have always been present for you, or may be associated with a neurological issue such as:

  • Head injury
  • Stroke
  • Concussion
  • Epilepsy
  • Mood or psychiatric disorder
  • A brain tumour
  • Genetic disorders
  • Effects of medication, ECT or cancer treatment
  • Causes unknown

Assessment procedure includes:

STEP 1: Initial consultation & formulation of a testing protocol (ie. tests that need to be conducted)

We will go through a complete medical, developmental and educational history, understanding any changes over time in cognitive skills. We will understand the nature of your concerns, explore possible causes for these changes or issues, and then formulate the tests required during the assessment to answer any questions regarding cognitive profile, strengths and weaknesses.

STEP 2: Cognitive assessment (individually tailored).
This assessment will include some of the tests below, according to concerns and needs:

  • Intellectual testing (IQ including verbal reasoning, nonverbal reasoning, visual-spatial skills, working memory and processing speed)
  • Learning skills (reading, writing, numeracy)
  • Working memory
  • Processing speed
  • Visual & auditory attention span
  • Visual sustained attention
  • Auditory sustained attention
  • Memory: short-term and long-term
  • Executive functioning (planning & organisation)
  • Visual processing
  • Auditory processing

STEP 3: Follow-up consultation: Results, diagnosis & recommendations 4. Report (within 2-3 weeks)

Note: A $200 deposit is required to secure your assessment date (a period of up to 4 hours is set aside for you by a clinician), and this amount is non-refundable. The deposit cost may also include the cost of standardised psychological questionnaires. Please make sure that you are committed to having an appointment as this cannot be refunded if you change your mind or forget your appointment.