Child Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Do you feel your child has blocks to their learning, attention skills or general processing that you can’t pinpoint? A full neuropsychological/ cognitive assessment will determine your child’s unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. Core issues will be identified so that treatment recommendations can be precise and targeted, leading to better long-term outcomes.

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School Readiness

Many parents fear their child is not cognitively, socially or emotionally ready for school and consider holding their child back. Often these fears are not based on facts: Obtain a school readiness assessment and get the correct advice based on objective data. Giving your child the best positive start to school and education.

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Brain qEEG Scans

QEEG analyses brain waves and can objectively assess whether your child has any brain dysregulation underlying their behavioural, emotional or cognitive issues. It is primarily used to help direct a neurotherapy treatment program. QEEG can be conducted to identify whether your child has the specific brain biomarker for ADHD, and associated patterns of brain dysregulation.

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