parenting ADHD children

Importance of parenting in ADHD children

Dr Shelley Hyman

Research findings are showing that a highly efficacious treatment for children with ADHD and behavioural problems is parent behaviour therapy.

In reviewing existing studies on treatment options, the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) identified four programs that alleviated ADHD symptoms for children under 6 years old. These included Triple P (Positive Parenting Program), Incredible Years Parenting Program, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and New Forest Parenting Program.

This is further supported by research that reviewed various treatment approaches for disruptive behaviour problems in children up to 12 years old such as behaviour therapy, client centered therapy and play therapy.

The findings suggest that the most effective treatment approach for children’s disruptive behaviour is parent behaviour therapy. Specifically, group parent behaviour therapy and individual parent behaviour therapy with children participation showed the highest effectiveness ratings.

Additionally, research has shown that beginning therapy with behavioural therapy rather than medicine has various advantages and has resulted in better overall outcomes. These advantages include promoting an active role of caregivers rather than passive, being cost effective over time, reduces need for higher dosing and maintains behaviour improvement and symptom reduction.

Dr Shelley Hyman

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