executive skills

The executive management workshop helps train kids in planning, organisation, time management and study skills required to successfully negotiate high school. These workshops are suitable for teens from grades 7 to 10, particularly those experiencing issues with organisation and require further support with study management.

Each course comprises of 10 hours of training across 5 sessions. Workshops are conducted during school holidays and the school term on weekends. See below for more information about the workshops.



Program outline

Time management: This section will cover developing effective time management skills that will allow students to fit in school work, sports and hobbies. It will focus on setting up individual calendars specific to their commitments and factor in allocating specific study time each week.

Organisation: This will cover organising physical materials such as folders, worksheets and books, required each day for school, managing electronic files, keeping an organised study area at home, maintaining a tidy locker.

Managing assignments: This will cover the steps that need to be followed from the time students receive an assessment task, to when it is submitted. We will focus on breaking down assignments into manageable steps, managing our time around assignments and homework, how to complete specific types of assignments, and the final editing process.

Study Skills: This will focus on introducing students to various study methods that are suitable for different subjects. In addition, we will focus on drawing out information that is required to compile their own set of personal study notes. This will require students to give this a trial so feedback can be provided for future study.

Exam skills: This will focus on the various types of questions students can be asked in an exam (multiple choice, short answer, essays) and how they should approach the different sections of an exam. We will cover deciphering what the question is asking through looking at key words and the information required to answer these questions directly. This will also cover time management of study in the lead up to examination blocks and memorisation techniques.

Time and Date for upcoming workshops

Please contact us for upcoming dates and availability.

Cost and Rebates

The cost of each workshop is $500 ($450 early bird rate if paid 4 weeks prior)


For more information or to register, please send us an email to admin@scdcentre.com or give us a call on (02) 9387 6166.