Work Experience Program & Paid Positions for 2020

Leading Assessment & Treatment Centre in Sydney

2019-2020 Work Experience Program NOW OPEN

[ Applications due by 15th Nov, 2019]

At the Sydney Cognitive Development Centre we run a work experience program on a 6 months basis. The program combines both research and clinical work experience. Apply now!

Qualifications: Work experience available for students who are currently (1) in their 2nd year, 3rd year or Honours of an undergraduate psychology program, (2) completing a Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science, or (3) finished Honours and wanting to gain clinical experience for the Master's program.

Time Commitment: Must be able to commit to a minimum of 8 hours a week- flexible days and times (1 day per week, Monday- Saturday)

Role: To help with supporting psychological assessments and therapy processes by helping our numerous psychologists in the background scene. This role will also involve numerous research projects and helping to prepare parent handouts and resources for use in the clinic. At times there may be some patient interaction as you may be able to participate in our clinical and training workshops.

Skills: Must be comfortable around young children, have good organisational skills, excellent computer skills, and be highly reliable.

This position is unpaid and voluntary. All training will be provided at no charge. These positions are highly coveted by undergraduate students as work experience is one of the main criteria looked at when applying for Master’s positions and referees are essential.

Interviews: Interviews will take place from 15th Nov. Applicants who are shortlisted from the interview may be eligible for clinical training in neurofeedback if the applicant also wants to apply for one of our paid neurotechnican positions.

4th year psychology student/graduates will be looked upon favourably as we will be looking at these interns for paid positions for 2020.

2019-2020 Positions Available NOW INTERVIEWING

Available Paid Positions for 2020 (offered to current interns)- Psychology Graduates need apply only:

(1) Full-time head of neurofeedback (must have worked for at least 3 months independently as a neuro technician at our centre)

(2) Saturday neuro technician role (training as part of internship)

(3) Part-time weekday neuro technician role (training as part of internship)

(4) Full-time case manager & admin role




To apply please send an email to :

Send your resume and any relevant experience or the above-mentioned skills.