Neuropsychological Assessment

Our assessments typically include a clinical interview with the parents/caregiver, observation of the child and formal psychological testing. All assessments are conducted one-on-one with the child, and may be split into several sessions depending on how long your child can concentrate.

Most children will undergo the core neuropsychological module (see below), although often all assessments are uniquely tailored to a child’s needs. You will then be given feedback about your child’s progress and we may recommend having further testing done in a specific area of difficulty. Following each assessment feedback will be given to you regarding your child’s progress, followed by an in-depth report outlining your child’s strengths and weakness. We will also make recommendations for improvement in specific areas both for home and school. We are able to provide reports to your child’s school or other health practitioners such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists etc. We are also able to organise case conferences with teachers, headmasters and other health practitioners, as necessary.

Core Neuropsychological Module: Approximately 3 hours

The assessment will begin with our Core Neuropsychological Module, which takes approximately 3 hours. This includes the assessment of:

  • General intellectual functioning (IQ test): Verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory, processing speed
  • Academic achievement : word reading, spelling, mathematics- screening
  • Academic achievement : word reading, spelling, mathematics- screening
  • Executive functioning: planning, problem solving, utilizing feedback
  • Memory (both verbal and nonverbal): screening
  • One additional area according to your concerns: speed of information processing, language skills, motor skills, visual processing, auditory processing, behaviour, emotional functioning, social skills, self-concept.
Extension Modules: Approximately 1 hour each

We may then recommend that your child undergoes an additional extension module (approximately 1 hour for each module). These extension modules include in depth testing in the following areas:

  • Academic achievement: reading comprehension, phonological processing, listening comprehension, oral expression
  • Memory: in depth verbal and nonverbal short-term & long-term memory
  • Attention: selective, sustained, divided and switching attention
  • Perception: visuospatial skills, visuomotor integration
  • Executive functioning: Planning, organization, speed of information processing
  • Language and language-related processes: expressive and receptive language skills
  • Motor skills: fine motor coordination, motor speed, visuomotor integration
  • Psychological: Behavior, personality and emotional functioning (depression, anxiety, self-esteem)