Neurofeedback feedback

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Neurofeedback screener

  • Important instructions!

    Please only put a comment in an area if it was a problem PRIOR to NF, or if the issues has arisen DURING NF. Please put NA if this is not an identified area for change. Do NOT use the word same/unchanged without qualifying whether this is prior to NF or just since the last session.
  • Sleep symptoms

    Note changes with: Issues getting to sleep, issues with waking, falling asleep in low stimulation environments, low energy levels, high energy levels, restless sleep, sleep walking/taking, nightmares.
  • Attention & Hyperactivity

    Please note changes with: attention/focus, distractibility, mind constantly on the go, fidgeting, issues sitting still, intruding in conversations and hyperactivity.
  • Mood: Depression, anxiety & anger

    Please note changes in relevant areas such as: depression, low self-esteem, introversion, sensitivity, teariness, obsessiveness, being overwhelmed, anxiety, anger, irritability and agitation.
  • Behaviour

    Please note changes with: bedwetting, fighting with family or friends, physical or verbal aggression, impatience, and oppositional and defiant behaviour.
  • Other

    Please note any addition information regarding tics, headaches, migraines, teeth grinding, psychosomatic illness, or other targeted issues not mentioned above.