Educational Achievement

 When we ask many parents what they want for their children they often answer ‘happiness and success’. Due to the large amount of time children spend in school, their self-esteem and happiness are often based upon the level of success they achieve in the classroom, which is fundamental to the child’s overall self-concept. Understanding your child’s level of academic achievement can be conducted through various educational tests.

Note: these tests will describe how your child performs, however without a complete neurocognitive assessment the blocks to learning will not be clarified, which will limit the ability to put together a full treatment plan. This is why at the SCDC this academic assessment is conducted as part of a broader assessment which aims to identify all the blocks to learning. Click here for full neuropsychological assessment.

What tests can a learning assessment include?Reading assessment Sydney

Reading skills: Assessing for dyslexia (reading problems)

  • Reading accuracy
  • Reading regular words, irregular words (sight words), non-words (decoding)
  • Reading comprehension
  • Phonological awareness: blending & segmentation
  • Rapid naming
  • Phonological memory
  • Visual processing: sight words, visual discrimination, form constancy, closure

Writing skills: Assessing for spelling & writing problemsWRiting and spelling assessment sydney

  • Spelling skills
  • Written expression
  • Phonological awareness: blending & segmentation
  • Phonological memory
  • Auditory working memory
  • Visual self-monitoring

Numeracy skills: Assessing for dyscalculia (maths problems)Maths assessment Sydney

  • Numerical operations
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Visual skills: sign discrimination, visual-spatial skills, discrimination