Covid-19 Current Status of Services

Currently we are still open with all therapy done via telehealth and the centre only open for assessment (updated 6th April, 2020) 

The SCDC is open for limited assessments only (neuropsychological, ADHD, learning & autism spectrum disorder only). We have very strict hygiene rules, wiping down all surfaces before and after clients. We are keeping social distancing rules, and are avoiding having more that one person in consultation with the psychologist at a time (other family members can be teleconferenced in). All patients will be sat over 1.5m from the psychologist. None of our office is open plan other than the reception, and we have set up another room for reception, allowing only one family at a time. We ask that if anyone has any signs of illness (no matter how mild) they do not attend the centre and book in their consultation as a remote, online consultation if possible.

Psychological therapy: All psychological therapy will be conducted via telehealth unless it (1) cannot be done via teleconference & (2) the patient is at high risk.

Neurofeedback: Currently neurofeedback has been suspended due to the lack of personal protective equipment (on order but delayed indefinitely) and level of risk associated with not being able to social distance whilst preparing the sensors. We hope to resume this serve once social distancing rules are relaxed. .

Note: Our telehealth software is fully encrypted to assure your privacy. We use two pieces of software designed for doctors and psychologists.

Financial Difficulties?

All our psychologists are committed to helping our patients through these difficult times. At the SCDC we believe we all need to pull together as a community and support each other through this time. All our psychologists have now offered subsidises on fees (on an individual basis) if they are no longer able to afford services. We will continue to see all patients as needed, and we do not want anyone to forgo their therapy or not start therapy based on financial concerns. If you are a current patient please contact your psychologist directly. For new patients please discuss your circumstances with our intake staff.

Services via telehealth

  • Psychological Therapy (children over the age of 12 & adults- younger children on a case-by-case basic according to their maturity)
  • Cognitive Training (Children over the age of 12 and adults)
  • Parenting & behaviour management
  • Initial assessment consultations (to determine whether full assessment is needed and to create a testing plan for when we reopen)