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In order to book an appointment we will need to understand your precise concerns, whether you are after assessment or therapy, and what your goals are. We will also need to understand the history of development of the issues, previous diagnoses and previous assessments/therapy. In order to understand your needs and to make sure you are booked in with the correct health professional, an intake interview is usually conducted prior to consultation via telephone by our intake officer.
As our phone lines can get very busy during the day, we recommend that you book in directly with our intake office for a free consultation via the small pop-up tab in the bottom right corner of our website. Alternatively you could try our main line (9387 6166) to see if the intake officer is available, or book a time directly with our practice manager.
Alternatively if you would prefer to only discuss your background directly with our director, you are welcome to use our online booking system to book an initial consultation. This process is used only for NEW patients who wish to discuss their concerns and possible assessment. At this consultation your background will be reviewed, screening questionnaires will be provided, and then an assessment plan will be devised. Note: all assessments and therapy will be carried out by our team of clinicians (not the director), and to book in directly with the clinicians you will need to go through our intake officer so they can determine which clinician is most suitable for you.
Book an initial consultation with our director Dr Shelley Hyman

Book an initial consultation

Click here to book an initial consultation online.