Adult Services

Adult Services: 18+ years

Adult ADHD Clinic

Do you struggle to sustain your attention? Are you easily distracted? Do you struggle to complete tasks? Have you had issues in being able to work to your level of potential? In the past ADHD was unheard of therefore many adults now suffer unnecessarily. Conduct an adult assessment and look at our therapy programs to maximise your potential.

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Adult Psychotherapy

Are you suffering from some emotional issues like anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, low self-esteem etc.? Give us a call and come meet with one of our therapists to discover ways to give yourself the fulfilling, happy and meaningful life you deserve. Get out of your mind and into your life!

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Mindfulness Training

Do you find yourself constantly living in the past and thinking about what ‘could have been’? Do you find yourself constantly worried about the future and thinking about ‘what could happen’? Many people struggle to live in the present and this creates much depression and anxiety. Learn to live in the present through mindfulness: a wonderful technique to teach you how to get the most out of your life.

Executive Management

Are you chronically disorganised? Are you late paying bills and do you do everything at the last minute? Executive skills in planning and organisation are critical to being successful. Despite being bright many adults do not succeed with their goals due to procrastination. If you want to be more successful in this area this program may be for you.

Adult Autistic Spectrum Clinic

Do you struggle with social relationships? Do you struggle with change? Do you get easily irritated with others, or easily irritate others? Developmental disorders like ASD are poorly understood in adulthood and services past the age of 18 years are rare. Conduct an adult assessment and look at our therapy programs to minimise the impact on everyday life.

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