Adult Developmental Disorders Clinics

Due to the high demand from both the parents of our patients, and the public, the SCDC offers a broad range of adult clinics. Our staff understand that childhood developmental disorders often change into adulthood, hence we have created one of the largest Adult ADHD and Adult Autistic Spectrum clinics in NSW. We utilise mindfulness and executive training programs for our adult ASD and ADHD patients which enables them to get more out of life.

Adult ADHD

Our Adult ADHD clinic is open Monday to Friday. Due to the lack of adult ADHD clinics in Australia we often have patients from all over Australia as well as overseas.

Adult ASD

The SCDC’s Autistic Spectrum Disorder clinic offers psychotherapy adapted for patients with ASD. In this individuals build their skill set in relation to theory of mind, social skill training, anxiety management and frustration tolerance.